Do you know someone with a disability who is a “shining example” through their contributions to the community?


The Shine On Awards are a perfect example of opportunities that Rotary provides for those with ability, who have a disability, to challenge themselves and provide service to the community for the benefit of others. 
The Shine On Awards are an annual award ceremony during which an award is presented in the form of a trophy to those judged to be "shining examples" through their actions and contributions to the community.
First presented in Brisbane in 1993, the Shine On Awards was the initiative of a Past President. Following on from this all clubs nation wide have been asked to nominate suitable candidates.
The criteria for the Shine On awards are:

  1. Candidates must be:
    (i) Youth: age 15 to 25 years 
    (ii) Adult: 25 years and above
  2. Nominee's consent to nomination must be obtained prior to nomination
  3. Nominee must be a resident of Australia for a minimum of 3 years
  4. Nominators could be required to furnish verification of nominee's disability
  5. Nominators must complete all sections of the nomination form and identify and record evidence of dedicated community service, above and beyond self
  6. For re-nomination a candidate will need to show significant development of previous achievements or development of new endeavours.

All candidates for the award can expect to receive recognition at some level although not all will receive the Shine On Award trophy. All Candidates are presented with a Certificate of Commendation.

The Rotary Club of Malvern as part of its membership base, have some members with disabilities. These members are encouraged to actively participate in the community projects and are able to be involved in the administration of projects. In addition, attendance at the different fund raising events which are held, where they are able to be allocated tasks, and contribute to helping others all contribute to their nomination for  the Shine On Awards.
Rotary has so many different aspects of helping others that it is not too difficult to forget our own individual needs and provide service to others. Rotary is like a chain, all of the small links, helping join together projects and conferences, which are local, national and international.
In conclusion the Shine On Awards are like their name suggests – rays of sunshine filtering out to others.