How can Shelter Boxes save people’s lives?

Shelter Box is a global Rotary Project.

Shelter Boxes provide emergency accommodation to people affected by disasters world wide.

Imagine it is in the middle of winter, your home has been destroyed and you have been left with nothing but the clothes you are wearing. This is the situation faced by millions of people throughout the world every year.

Since 2000, more than 600,000 people in some 46 countries have been assisted by Shelter Boxes. 

Shelter Box Australia is an international affiliate of the Shelter Box Trust. It began in 2003 and has since raised over $5 million (at 30 June 2008.)  Those Australian donations have purchased some 4,000 Shelter Boxes, that translates into the provision of shelter, comfort and dignity for more than 40,000 people in desperate need, including in the region close to Australia like Papua New Guinea, East Timor, Java and Solomon Islands. 

Australian donations to Shelter Box Australia have directly assisted people in 23 countries who were in desperate circumstances after natural and other disasters.

What is in Shelter Boxes?

Shelter Boxes usually consists of:                                       

  • 10 thermal blankets                                                    
  • A rugged 10 person dome tent                      
  • Tools and other survival equipment               

It provides:

  • dry shelter
  • a warm bed
  • light and heat
  • clean water
  • cooking aids
  • tools
  • For up to 10 people:  all supplied in a box ... a Shelter Box 

Rotary Can Go Where Others Can’t

Due to Rotary’s long history of helping the less fortunate in the world community and the fact we are a non religious and non political organisation we are often able to get Shelter Boxes to access  disaster areas where others are denied entry.

Demand Exceeds Supply – Donations Needed

Demand for Shelter Boxes exceeds supply – be it natural disasters, the impact of climate change or the ravages of war demand for emergency accommodation and Shelter Boxes exceeds supply.

The typical Shelter Box costs approximately A$1200.

While Rotarians work hard to raise monies for Shelter Boxes, donations are welcomed to replenish those stocks, and to support this very worthwhile global humanitarian aid project.

Donations can be made by an individual or companies. If you would like to learn how you can help people in desperate need help out contact the Rotary Club of Malvern today.

Shelter Boxes – a Practical Solution        

When disaster happens Shelter Boxes provides a practical solution, providing emergency accommodation to people at a time of desperate need. A foundation for people and families on which to recover and rebuild

If you want to make a real difference and help the less fortunate in the community, contact the Rotary Club of Malvern today.