Get involved in the Science Experience.

What is the Science Experience?

The Science Experience is A 2-3 day Program conducted, over the summer months, by participating universities in Melbourne for Years 9 and 10 students interested in science.
The Science Experience program is designed to provide students who have an interest in science with an opportunity to engage in a wide range of fascinating science activities under the guidance of scientists who love their work.
Students perform experiments in the laboratories, meet and hear senior lecturers in the lecture theatres, attend site visits and walk around and experience what it is like to be on the campus of a university or tertiary institution.  More than 45,000 Year 9 students have taken this rare opportunity, up to date.

What does Rotary Do?

Rotary clubs promote the program, contact schools, sponsor many students to attend, participate actively in organising programs and in providing social activities.

Selection Criteria?

There is no selection process for the Science Experience and students only need to obtain endorsement from their local Rotary Club to enrol. The Committee will promote sponsorship by Clubs and select students from candidates
The Science Experience program also provides information about further studies in science, technology and engineering. It highlights the wide range of careers that allow students to pursue their interest and abilities in the sciences.