One of the very best things that has happened to the Rotary Club of Malvern EVER was welcoming last year several members of the now closed Rotary Club of Glen Eira.
These exceptional Rotarians have bought with them boundless energy, experience, humour and good will. We are so lucky they joined us.
Last October recognised Basil for his 50 years with Rotary. What a powerhouse team Basil and Edith make!
Edith,has written the following poem which we want to share with everyone!
Basil and my encounters with Rotary that is truly International!
In South Africa, 50 years ago, my husband joined Rotary
who would have believed what a journey that would turn out to be?
The first club he joined was the Rotary Club of Orange Grove.
Amongst other projects, the club helped Africans be fed and clothed
They built a kiosk for the locals to raise funds selling tea, coffee and cake
At that time, we never appreciated what a financial difference that would make.
In 1978 we emigrated to Australia, this wonderful land
And Basil joined Doncaster Rotary to lend a hand
That club bought all the necessary machinery and tooling
And trained ex Timorese fighters to make corrugated roofing.
They supplied a beautiful fountain for the Municipal office, no troubles
except when kids who thought it was funny, filled it with bubbles
After 30 years and many more projects there,
We moved house and many more years to spare
Basil joined the friendly, wonderful Glen Eira Club,
Which sadly, for the last time, met at the Rosstown Pub.
Though small in numbers, members worked hard, truly inspring
Something not anyone could help but be admiring
Heavily involved with students from Rotary Youth Exchange
Hosting patients from Interplast and all the paperwork that had to be arranged.
Once again, as Glen Eira closed their door
Basil looked for another Rotary Club number
Fortunately for us, we found the best club in the land
The Malvern Rotary Club held out their hand
We were thrilled at all the projects they do
Helping many people locally and internationally too.
We marvelled as Rotary International helped eradicate polio
And many other projects that are part of their portfolio
So, with our experience of Rotary International
I would say that it is truly something special
Please raise your glasses and let us toast
An organisation that gives humankind the most
I give you
Rotary International